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     ThriveInfoTech Theni offers more than 20+ training courses with placement support. We focused on Job oriented training programs which helps our students to get a job as soon as they complete our placement trainings through our associated Network. Our training programs and course contents are designed such a way to achieve every student's career goal. With strong presence across India and dedicated team of Placement support professionals we are able to achieve the high placement suceess rate when compared with any other training provider.

     Our training programs are focused on building our students expertise in technical skills as well as soft skills like communication, presentation skills, Interviewing skills, Team work skills and Complete personality development. We have set Soft Skill training as mandatory aspect for our students to go through as part of their training programs.


Aptitude Training in  ThriveInfoTech, Theni:


     Most of the leading companies conduct aptitude tests to test your logical reasoning, critical thinking and communication skills. Aptitude tests are strictly timed, so performing well within short time is crucial. Aptitude tests are used to eliminate candidates from entering into the next level of job screening process. Your score in aptitude test will determine whether you have chances to get a job or not. Learn Aptitude Training in Theni at ThriveInfoTech.


At ThriveInfoTech, we know the importance of aptitude test, that’s why we provide numerous tests to hone your aptitude skills. 


 Number system and Number Series
 Time & Work
 Alligation or Mixtures
 Simple & Compound Interest
 Permutations & Combinations
 Profit & Loss
 Time & Work
 Ratio & Proportion
 Set Theory & Venn Diagram
 Area, Volume and Surface Area
Verbal Reasoning:
 Series Completion
 Blood Relations
 Data Sufficiency
 Analogy & Classification
 Logical Venn Diagrams
 Assertion and Reason
Non Verbal Reasoning:
 Cube and Dice
 Analytical Reasoning (Pattern completion etc.,)

Softskills Training:


     Technical skills are important, but if your colleagues have same skills as you, your softskills differentiate your from them and help you to advance in career. No matter how good your technical skills are, if your soft skills are weak, you cannot succeed in your career. At ThriveInfoTech, we believe softskills gives you an empowerment - the power to create and take advantage of opportunities. Our softskills program is devised to scale you up in the following areas. Learn Softskills training in Theni at ThriveInfoTech.


Communication Skills:


 Personal Communication - making a great first impression
 Communication in Group
 Effective Email Communication
 Power Your Presentations
 Negotiation, Persuasion and Influencing Skills
 Handling Difficult Situations and understanding others

Leadership Skills

Effective Team Player

Problem Solving

Decision Making

Managing Time Effectively

Stress Management

Project Management


Group Discussion:


     Group discussion is conducted to check your ability to communicate clearly, act as a team player and lead the group. Unfortunately, Group Discussion is not part of academics in most of the colleges, and students find it difficult to excel in group discussion. Most of the major Non-IT and IT companies like TCS, CTS, WIPRO, HCL,HONEYWELL, INFOSYS, ORACLE, POLARIS and IBM conduct GD during their selection process.

After completing the softskills training, we start with training on basic Group Discussion skills. Then we conduct mock GDs and provide individual and group feedback which will help you to correct your mistakes and hone your skills. We conduct adequate Group Discussions to ensure that you gain confidence and excel well.


Interview Skills:


Interview is the final leg of the job recruitment process and employees determine whether or not the applicant is suitable for the job role. Basically, the technical and soft skills of the candidate are tested during interview. Mock interviews are conducted by professionals from reputed companies. Feedback sessions will be conducted and suggestions for improvement will be provided, which can be incorporated in future interviews.


Duration Of The Course:


The course lasts for 2 months. Weekdays and Weekend batches are available.


High Lights Of Placement Training With ThriveInfoTech at Theni:


Team coordination and team co-operation are important factors as the BPO jobs and IT jobs work in the groups or teams. The training at ThriveInfoTech is conducted with small batches where we assign projects with a focus to see where the students are lacking in the team coordination. The entire course of placement training helps not only to get placed but also to stand in the field.
 Candidate needs professional skills to develop a strong workforce and hence professional training is required to validate the skills. We evaluate the students with periodical interval and change their strengths into intellectual skills. Placement Training Centres in Theni will train the candidate to acquire professional skills.
 Time management skills are acquired only after practice and understanding the professional environment. The ideology behind the regular classes and projects are to fine tune the professionalism with the students.
 Logical skills are developed with the learned methodologies from industry experts at ThriveInfoTech.

Tips to through the interview:


 Read about the company details before attending the interview. This will give an idea about the topics that they will upfront in the interview. Join the best Placement Training institutes in Chennai and become a successful professional.
 Maintain good sleep before the day of the interview.
 Maintain a smiling face and a good body language which shows your inner confidence. ThriveInfoTech is the Best placement Training Institutes in Theni and helps the students to win over the competition.
 Imagine about the beginning of the interview and the last conversation from the interview. Positive thinking will increase the comfort level and confidence level.
 Think about your domain and show the learning attitude when the employer is conducting the interview.

What sort of jobs ask for aptitude round or group discussion?


Each skill from the placement training co-relates with different types of jobs and the profile matching gives an idea about the job industry. The different skills like communication skill, problem-solving skill, and analytical skill are demanded in the different types of jobs like BPO jobs, marketing jobs, and IT jobs. Copywriter, marketing co-coordinator, PR officer, customer service executive, secretary, journalist, HR executive, and social media manager are the different roles which require good communication skills. BPO companies select the candidates after the group discussion as the role is to communicate with the client through calls or through e-mails. Training and Job Placement in Theni provides the idea to clear the interviews for the different types of job roles.


Group discussion topic will be designed with the latest happenings or latest buzz from the business world. So, pre-planning is essential to win over the game. The wide range of topics is used at ThriveInfoTech to train the students with the trends and they are like the impact of automation in job


roles, reasons behind unemployment, ways to bring quality education, and ideas for the women empowerment. The job roles which requires analytical thinking include business analyst, system analyst, data analyst, video editor, and social media manager. Thus each job requires the specific talents and it can be attained by the self-analysis. Preparing for each aspect with preparedness ignites the confidence and brings out the best in every individual. Choose ThriveInfoTech as your learning partner and explore the best Placement courses in Theni.


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Join ThriveInfoTechNo 1 Placement Training Institute in Theni. Call 9384353562 for details about Placement Courses in Theni. 100% Placement assistance!!!