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     Are you Looking for the Best Selenium Training in Theni? Well, Thrive Infotech can be your go-to solution. Thrive InfoTech is a reputed Selenium Training Institute in Theni and boasts of being a known producer of achievers. We, at Thrive InfoTech, have so far trained multiple batches of candidates who approached us for quality training.

     And we feel proud that our former and present trainees fondly render us the Best Selenium Training Institute in Theni. We feel overwhelmed that they speak so highly of us (the testimonials below are a concrete proof). Coming to Selenium, a common question that pops up in every mind is- Why look for the Best Selenium Training in Theni or any place for that matter? 

     Or why Learn Selenium at all? That’s because this course is witnessing explosive growth and a Selenium Course is what a vast majority of IT enthusiasts have begun to show interest in.


     Thrive InfoTech understands and acknowledges this and equips students with both theoretical and practical training. While theory boosts your understanding of the basics, practical sessions help you do Software Testing in an effortless manner. This will help you have a deeper insight into the subject.

     If you thought proper theoretical knowledge is all that one needs while working in the industry, then you couldn’t be more wrong. Your Selenium Training in Theni can’t be complete without proper Hands on Training in dealing with any Real Time Project. It’s only with proper practical knowledge that you are able to handle a selenium project without anyone else’s aid.

     Our Selenium Experts will do everything in their stride to make you an ace Selenium Testing professional. By keeping you abreast of all recent developments in the field of selenium, we help you stand out in a crowd of selenium trained individuals. Yes, there is no shortage of institutes offering Selenium Course in Theni, but Besant Technologies is the best when it comes to Selenium Training in Theni.

     Thrive InfoTech's Selenium Certification Training is designed by the industry experts as per the current industrial demands and requirements. The Selenium Training comprises of imparting complete knowledge on basic and advanced concepts of the Selenium tool.

     Selenium is the leading tool in the world of IT. The course focuses on Understanding the Selenium Architecture and the components, the Selenium Web driver, automating the windows applications with the aid of Auto IT and performing the distributed testing using the Selenium grid.

     Our trainers are highly experienced and they explain each and every topic clearly with an in-depth explanation of every topic. A lot of focus is given on practical training to enhance the skills of the candidate in Selenium.


Trainer Profile for Selenium:


     Thrive InfoTech is one of the Best Selenium training institutes in Theni. We provide real-time projects and industry-recognized certification to help you in easy placements in top MNCs. Our trainer  is a highly experienced professional with more than a decade as QA Automation Manager with leading MNCs.

     He is highly experienced in QTP and Selenium. With over 10 years in the industry, we have successfully trained and placed more than 50,000 students in top MNCs in India and abroad. With this selenium training in Theni, our trainers deliver hands-on expertise in the development of real-world selenium projects.


     The lead trainer with several other trainers provides you with the best selenium training applicable to solve real-world problems. The approach of our training is an emphasis on practical application rather than on theoretical concepts. With the help of our project-based training, you become adept at testing web applications by the end of the selenium training.


  • An expert faculty who possess up to date knowledge and vast experience in their field.
  • The trainers at our institute are working professionals from the industry
  • A practical based approach to learning. Apart from theoretical concepts imparted in the classrooms, the students are given thorough hands-on learning to enhance their skills.
  • Aptitude and soft skills training are provided to trainees to get placed successfully in the real IT world.
  • The faculty believes in quality learning and hands-on learning experience.
  • They have a great passion to teach and have given more than 2000+ IT experts in the last few years.
  • Apart from knowledge, experience and teaching passion they have enthralling personalities and great communication skills which they imbibe in the trainees too.
  • The trainers possess more than 10 years’ experience as IT, professors
  • They draw up the curriculum in accordance with the current needs of the industry.


Placement Assistance after Selenium Training:


     The institute offers you the platform to showcase your mastered skills and earn a handsome salary. Enjoy a lucrative career in the IT industry with job support training and placement assistance provided to all its students.


  • Dedicated placements are provided to more than 500 reputed companies.
  • During the training phase, practical training is provided to all trainees to make them job ready.
  • A solid theory and practice based technology helps the students to be eligible for lucrative job posts.
  • We have more than 2000+ candidates who have been successfully placed in the job industry.
  • Get the best training and placements at Besant Technology and be eligible to get into big companies as a Selenium expert.
  • The best in-house faculty, curriculum and training at Besant Technology makes our institute rank among the top institutes of Bangalore.


Syllabus of Selenium Courses in Theni:


Web Driver 3.0 Training


Course Objective


  • Understand Oops /java concepts
  • Selenium IDE, RC
  • Selenium WebDriver tool in depth, it’s features & components
  • Building a new Test Framework by using Web Driver, Test NG, and Maven


Selenium Introduction


  • Selenium Introduction
  • What is Selenium and Why Selenium
  • Use of Automation Testing?
  • Explanation of Selenium and its advantages
  • Differences between Selenium and QTP
  • Selenium Components
  • Introduction of selenium Components


OOPs concepts and Core Java Introduction


  • OOPs concepts
  • Setup Java environment – Download JDK and Setup eclipse
  • Java programming concepts
  • Class, Object, variables, methods, Packages
  • Conditions and loops
  • Access and non-access modifiers
  • Advanced Java Programming
  • Interfaces, Inheritance
  • Collections, Exceptions


Selenium IDE and RC Introduction


  • Installing Selenium IDE
  • “Selenese” – Selenium Commands
  • Actions, Asserts, Assessors.
  • Developing Test Cases & Test Suites with Selenium-IDE
  • Introduction to Selenium RC




  • eclipse-Oxygen
  • JDK 1.8
  • Firefox 47.0.1, firebug and file path
  • Set up TestNG, Maven and Selenium (2.53.1 &3.0 +) for eclipse


Selenium WebDriver 2.0 and 3.0 Introduction


  • Selenium WebDriver Introduction
  • WebDriver Vs RC
  • Download and Configure WebDriver with Eclipse
  • Simple Testcase
  • Open and Close Browser
  • Cross Browser Testing – Firefox, IE, Chrome, Edge.
  • UI elements Locators.
  • Identifying WebElement using id, name, link text,Partial LinkText class Name,
    XPath, CssSelector and TagName.
  • Handling various WebElement using WebDriver
  • Handling Mouse movements and Keyboard Events
  • Gecko-Driver
  • Verification Commands
    a. How to get Title
    b. How to get Current Url
    c. How to get PageScource
    d. How to get WindowHandel
    e. How to get WindowHandels
    f. How to get Text
    g. How to get Attributes
  • Validation commands:
    a. IsSelected
    b. IsEnabled
    c. IsDisplayed
  • How to operate with WebTable
  • How to Handel Alerts in webpage
  • Switch Commands:
    a. how to switch windows or Tabs.
    b. how to switch Alerts.
  • How to operate with calanders
  • Synchronization Commands
    a. Thread.sleep();
    b. ImplicitWait
    c. ExplisitWait


Testing Framework and Tools


  • Introduction of the Testing framework
  • Types of frameworks
  • Tools for developing Test Framework
  • TestNG introduction and Configuration with eclipse
  • TestNG Annotations and Data Providers
  • Creating Test Suit with TestNG




  • Moduler Frame work
  • POM
  • Data driven
  • paramitarization
  • Hybrid Framework


Develop Hybrid Framework


  • Developing Hybrid Framework for Web Application using WebDriver /TestNG and Maven
  • Use external Data for Testing (Excel sheet, XML files, Property file)
  • Reading and understanding reports
  • Screenshots of failed Test case


Configuration Management


  • Introduction about Jenkins
  • Maven Installation
  • Dependencies and configure Maven Project
  • Integrate Maven projects in Jenkins.


Available Selenium Certification after Selenium Training in Theni


Once you take Selenium Training in Theni aThrive InfoTech and clear it, you subject yourself to a course completion certificate, which we award you on time.


Join ThriveInfoTech – No 1 Selenium Training Institute in Theni. Call 9384353562 for details about Selenium Course in Theni. 100% Placement assistance!!!